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 All our programs include an initial testing and evaluation, resistance  training and cardiovascular training program design, a review of  flexibility, and coaching to work through the process – ensuring your  success. 


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Scott Jensen

Scott Jensen

Scott Jensen



  • PTAG Certification
  • IFAA Kickboxing Certified
  • NESTA Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist

Training Style: Hypertrophy, Progressive Circuit Training, Functional Fitness

Scott was born and raised in Iowa with a strong athletic background. After graduation, Scott’s passion for fitness took him south, down to Coral Springs, Florida. There, Scott managed a large health club’s personal training department as a Fitness Director.

Scott’s love for his hometown and family has brought him back to Big House Gym as the Fitness Center Manager, Sports Nutrition, and Fitness Coach. Most recently, he became the owner of the Big House Gym. 

He is addicted to self-improvement, finding fulfillment by the success of others. 

“All I ask for is a good attitude and effort, and I’ll take care of the rest.”

“Small steps in the right direction will get you a long-ways.”

Ryan Clark

Scott Jensen

Scott Jensen


Education: BA Health Promotion, University of Northern Iowa



  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Small-Group Exercise
  • CPR | First Aid | AED

Training Style: Exercise Therapy for High-Risk Clientele, Fitness for Weight Loss, Mobility/Strength 

Ryan has a diverse background as a coach to high-risk clientele, physical therapy, weight-loss, and fitness athletic improvements. 

Ryan is just shy of having 2 decades of training experience. With that, he feels there is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone accomplish a task that they thought was unattainable.  

As an ex-athlete, husband and father of 3, Ryan understands the ever-changing landscape adults face today and how those challenges can be met to achieve positive health outcomes.

"My goal in life is to bring value to the lives of those around me."

Phone: 515.402.1052 

Kayla Reamey

Scott Jensen

Need a trainer? we've got Training Specials!


 Education: B.S. Biology


  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Functional Movement Screen L1 Certified
  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist


Kayla grew up in Okinawa. “Shout out to military brats!”


Kayla went to school in Colorado and found her way to starting her own personal training business here locally in Des Moines. She chose to give up team athletics for lifting in 2008 and, as of this year, is going on 6 years in the industry. Kayla has a niche in teaching Olympic lifting techniques and helping people get lean, mobile, and STRONG!

 “Barbells make me happy!”

Need a trainer? we've got Training Specials!

Need a trainer? we've got Training Specials!

Need a trainer? we've got Training Specials!

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Need a trainer? we've got Training Specials!

Are you a trainer? In search of a facility?


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