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What a personal trainer can do for you

 All our programs include an initial testing and evaluation, resistance  training and cardiovascular training program design, a review of  flexibility, and coaching to work through the process – ensuring your  success. 

Personal Trainers

Scott Jensen

PTAG Certification; IFAA Kickboxing NESTA Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist Big House Gym

  PTAG Certification; IFAA Kickboxing Certified; NESTA Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist

Bachelors in Sports Management at Grand View University

Scott was born and raised in Des Moines, IA with a strong athletic background. After graduation, Scott’s passion for fitness took him south to Coral Springs, FL where he managed a large health club’s personal training department as a Fitness Director. Scott’s love for his hometown and family has brought him back to Big House Gym as the Fitness Center Manager, Sports Nutrition Specialist, and help individuals regain the life they deserve as a Fitness Coach. He is addicted to self-improvement, and fulfilled by the success of others.

 Training Style: Hypertrophy, Progressive Circuit Training, Functional Fitness 

“All I ask for is a good attitude and effort, and I’ll take care of the rest.”

“Small steps in the right direction will get you a long-ways.”

Austin McCool

Bachelor in Exercise Science, ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Austin specializes in Muscle Building and Physique Development.  I help people gain muscle and develop their physique. As someone who lives the bodybuilding lifestyle and tangles

with everyday life, I know how difficult it is to get the right training and nutrition formula down. I make sure you do not have to worry about what the “right program” is for you!

Training Specials

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What does a Personal Trainer do?

Your personal trainer will serve as a coach, teacher and  motivator. It is the personal trainer’s job to assess your current  physical and mental state, establish very specific goals, design an  individualized program, and do whatever it takes to keep you on track  towards getting results.

What kind of results can I expect?

 Exceptional results. That’s why you hire us as professionals. But you also get what you put into it, so we expect dedication!

Do you charge extra for nutrition advice?

 Yes, diet is as important as working out, and we can pair you with a Certified Sports Nutritionist to get you maximum results.  The consultation is free, the program details can be discussed then.